Monday, March 21, 2011

Professional Practice Opportunity

The Poulton ArtSpOt is available to suitable students as a curatable exhibition space and potential working location.
  • To exhibit 2D work subject to the submission of a suitable proposal.
  • In return for a minimum of 8 hours supervision of the location per week and 15% commission on any sales made as a result of the exhibition as a contribution to costs.
  • Students would be required to have public liability insurance which could be acquired through membership of A-N.
  • Supervision and guidance is available as required.
  • The space would be available from beginning of April.
  • Work displayed must be suitable for family viewing.
  • Available for 4 week periods.
The space is a continuous run of 28 x 8 ft lined with white painted chipboard on one wall of a public passage way. The passageway is an unsupervised public area. Work should be fixed to the display surface. In the 3 years I have operated this space there has been no problem with security. The passage way receives direct south westerly light, artists should be aware that this may affect non-lightfast pigments or dyes. Selection of suitable candidate will be made subject to the submission by email, of a proposal.
To include:-
  • Artist statement
  • Description of work including size, number, media etc
  • Photographs of examples of work.
  • Will you be selling or not?
  • Risk assessment

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