Monday, November 07, 2011

Zotero v EndNote web

At Uni today we had a a tutorial about using EndNote Web for organising and inserting citations in a dissertation or thesis. I have been using Zotero a freeware piece of software that performs a similar task. I have to say I was not exactly blown away by my first experience with EndNote Web. Compared with Zotero the interface is very clunky. I would make the point that the web version of Endnote is free but you have to subscribe to it from a Uni computer or when logged on at Uni, you can not subscribe from home. There is a standalone version of Endnote but this costs nearly £200.

I thought I would have a look on the net to check out the various opinions regarding Zotero v Endnotes. These postings at Ideophone and Speechless may be worth a look. I have to say both are very much pro Zotero.

An important difference between Zotero and Endnote Web is, Zotero allows you to annotate your citations with snapshots of web pages, notes, images, tags and related citations. Something you can not do in Endnote Web.

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