Monday, March 21, 2011

Professional Practice Opportunity

The Poulton ArtSpOt is available to suitable students as a curatable exhibition space and potential working location.
  • To exhibit 2D work subject to the submission of a suitable proposal.
  • In return for a minimum of 8 hours supervision of the location per week and 15% commission on any sales made as a result of the exhibition as a contribution to costs.
  • Students would be required to have public liability insurance which could be acquired through membership of A-N.
  • Supervision and guidance is available as required.
  • The space would be available from beginning of April.
  • Work displayed must be suitable for family viewing.
  • Available for 4 week periods.
The space is a continuous run of 28 x 8 ft lined with white painted chipboard on one wall of a public passage way. The passageway is an unsupervised public area. Work should be fixed to the display surface. In the 3 years I have operated this space there has been no problem with security. The passage way receives direct south westerly light, artists should be aware that this may affect non-lightfast pigments or dyes. Selection of suitable candidate will be made subject to the submission by email, of a proposal.
To include:-
  • Artist statement
  • Description of work including size, number, media etc
  • Photographs of examples of work.
  • Will you be selling or not?
  • Risk assessment

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Citation with Zotero - Update

This is an update of my post of 17 November 2010 find it here.

A requirement of the college I attend is we have to use Harvard style referencing but they want you to include the page number of the citation but the default option does not include page numbers.

They require the "in text" citation to look like this (Trigg, 2006, p.6) but the default in Zotero looks like this (Trigg, 2006).

There is a simple solution you can download from Zotero a vast number of citation styles that can be added to the default set that comes with the initial download.

Go to this page Zotero Styles and download the "Harvard - Adapted for Leeds Met" option, click the [install ] link. I could not fathom how it worked to start but the Zotero Forum proved very helpful. The new option comes up when you use the Word plug-in to add a citation. Make sure Word is closed when you download the new option. When you next use Word you will find at the bottom of the dialog box that opens when you choose to insert citation from the Zotero toolbar menu there will be a button at the bottom marked Page in the box next to it type the page number you want to add to the citation. Choose your citation in the normal way and Bingo the page number appears as above.

Click image to enlarge.