Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ravages of Time at the Grundy Art Gallery

A brief Exhibition ‘Work in Progress’ by 1st & 2nd Fine Art Students is currently showing at the Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool until 30th January. This show has been squeezed in between main exhibitions. An opportunity for students to create a gallery based installation.

My contribution is an adaptation of a piece of work I created for my last semester assignment. Based on a large poster approx 8 ft x 4 ft I have created a floor tile piece. Ravages of Time explores the metaphorical connection between urban decay as portrayed by fading and peeling signs, crumbling plaster, torn posters etc. Something so commonplace we fail to notice day today. And the way our elderly citizens become increasingly invisible to those around them.

The work is an enlargement of an A3 size piece which experimented with the combining of a photocopy of a photograph with a crackelure stressed effect created with PVA and acrylic ink. The images was enlarged x 25 from A3 using PosterRazor, freeware which enlarges the image and creates slices in this case each A3 in size in a PDF format. These are printed off and in this case fixed with adhesive to A3 size pieces of 4mm MDF and reassembled as a tiled image displayed on the floor.

Ravages of Time - Alistair Parker