Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tips For Artists Who Want To Sell

A quote from Time Out magazine 15th October......
  • Generally speaking paintings with light colours sell more quickly thay paintings with dark colours.
  • Subjects that sell well - Maddona and Child, Landscapes, Flower Paintings, Still Life (No morbid props like dead birds), Nudes, Marine scenes, abstract and Surrealism.
  • Subject matter is important, it has been said that paintings with cows and hens in them collect dust. ....While the same paintings with Bulls and Roosters sell.
Interestingly one of the most common motifs at the Affordable Art Fair was cows ........

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Affordable Art Fair

Suckers Tram

According to the Guardian the 2009 Affordable Art Fair proves to be a recession buster, sales exceed £100 million. Not sure how much of that is coming my way but Wills Art Warehouse managed to shift at least 4 of my pieces of work by mid-day Sunday, and the fair does not close till 6pm, so fingers crossed. The work proving most popuar was my Blackpool stuff, "Suckers Tram" was the first sale. You can see the work on sale at

Now it is off to Amsterdam for the next Affordable Art Fair, next week, more fingers crossed.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Frieze Art Fair 2009

My first visit to the London Frieze Art Fair was interesting and inspiring. Here is a video clip courtesy of Art Review which shows a few of the bits you may have missed, well I did.

Find more videos like this on

By the way you can subscribe to Art Review and read the whole magazine online saving you a small fortune in subscription costs.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

BIG DRAW EVENT- Blackpool Art College

To ALL FE and HE students in ALL Departments
You are invited to take part in the BIG DRAW - MAKE A MARK event

Starts 10am Wednesday 7th October and will continue untill 15th October
Palatine Road Building

Draw, Scribble, Write, Doodle - Make a Mark

Drawing areas will be divided in to Male and Female
Alistair Parker is organising this event as part of a Feminist Studies assignment
This is an equal opportunities event

See images from the Make A Mark mural on Flickr