Monday, June 28, 2010

Print a Secured PDF File

Ran into a problem today that I have never experienced before, I tried to print a PDF file that I had downloaded from the Internet but it would not print. I use Foxit Reader, a plug-in for Firefox to download and open PDF files and hitherto it has always worked perfectly but this time it came up with an error message telling me that the PDF document was secured and could not be printed.

After fiddling about for ages and getting nowhere I resorted to good old Google. After trying a couple of abortive suggestions from various sources I discovered PDF Escape . This is an online PDF editor. When you open the link there are a number of options, I chose the "Start Using (unregistered)" option. Just follow the on-sceen instructions, I browse to the file I needed to upload, it opens in an editor window. I chose the option to Print. My printer dialog duly opened and I printed off the 22 page document. Just for info I always use the fast option and print double sided to save both ink and paper. The document printed off perfectly.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fine Art Degree Show

The July ArtspOts exhibition will be Urban Decay, work from my 2nd Year Show. There is an exhibition at Blackpool Art College, Palatine Road FY1 4DW from 21st to 26th June from 9.00 to 8.00 Tuesday to Saturday

You can see the work on my Flicker site at the moment.

digiphotology's Urban Decay Sem 4 Project photosetdigiphotology's Urban Decay Sem 4 Project photoset