Monday, February 14, 2011

Printing a Secure PDF

Occasionally you will download or be sent a secure PDF file that has the print option disabled. If there are no copyright restrictions the simple option is to use an on-line conversion option to create a printable file. One I have used, which works a treat, is Neevia free on-line PDF converter, available here. When the page opens in your browser use the default settings, browse to the file on your hard disc, choose the delivery method, either the file will be opened in your browser or sent by email. I generally choose the email delivery option. Your file can now be opened and printed.

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Vicky Milza said...


Many times PDF documents are secured with a PDF owner password which set some common restrictions such as printing not allowed, page extraction not allowed, editing not allowed. The manual workaround of printing a secured PDF file is taking screenshots of the whole secured PDF document and then printing all the screenshots as an image file. Thank you...

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