Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Not to Sell Your Art

SCENE #1: PHONE RINGS Mr COLLECTOR - (phone ringing) "Hello. Is this Artist Brown? Hi there, I saw your painting at the Fathers With No Teeth auction last weekend. You know, the painting with the two donkeys? I love it! I want to buy it. How much are you asking?" ARTIST - "Oh yeah, great, yeah, fantastic... Two Donkeys.. Buy it? Yeah, sure it's for sale, I think. Uh, the price - well I - Uh - how about I get back to you on that? (goes to local pub and agonizes over the price...)"

SCENE #2: TWO MONTHS LATER, ARTIST - (making a call) "Hello, is Mr Collector there? This is Artist Brown following up with the price for my painting, "Two Donkeys". What? He's moved to Tahiti? Last week? Does he have a phone there?"
When it comes to pricing your work, the worst price is not the high one, and not the low one. It is "price undecided". Make a decision, and go with it. And remember that the buyer is more motivated to buy at the moment they call you than they will ever be. So be prepared to be flexible, right then, while they are on the phone.

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